UBD hopes to submit a paypal account soon as possible, but till i do so, write to the email adress stuff what are you interested in a ask about details (payment, shipping cost). We would like let you know that you can pay also with well hidden cash, but have on mind that we are NOT responsible when we dont get it and its on your OWN risk! We send stuff immediately after receiving the cost, or in two days by the first class.
Trades are more then welcome!!!! Send your distro or release list to email address and write in what are you interested / how many copies and i will let you know about availability

Feel free to send your demo or promo, i like to listen to your stuff! UBD likes any type of music, but it must be filthy! When the sound is like shit, your chance in the label is higher. That means you can post garage sounded rehearsals, acoustic noises, shit noises, live performances, experimental music (weirdest and creepiest music is more than welcome) and lo-fi catastrophes. Send your demo burned CDR on my postal address bellow, don't waste your time sending mp3 files, links to download sites or social networks (no myspace, no facebook, no bandcamp, no soundcloud)! Emails like this are automatically ignored.
Keep also on mind that UBD is a label doing limited editions, creative or xerox booklets. Every copy of your work is hand numbered with love to the underground. No repressing!
Also before you post your demo, keep on mind that we are NOT a political label!

Erik Ochránek
Holičská 28
85105 Bratislava
Slovak Republic